Curious about your neighbors? Photo: Depositphotos.com A recent study by the Dutch national statistics office CBS reveals that approximately 80% of Dutch citizens engage in regular contact

with their family members at least once a week, with no notable generational differences.

However, when it comes to interaction with neighbors, the study highlights a significant contrast. Around 69% of pensioners maintain weekly communication with their neighbors, while just four in 10 individuals under the age of 35 do the same.

Approximately one-fifth of those aged 65 and above have daily exchanges with their nearby neighbors. Nevertheless, this number has declined over the past decade, as 10 years ago, 75% of pensioners reported having weekly contact with their neighbors.

The study also reveals that 12% of both those over 65 and those under 35 admitted to feeling lonely and expressed a desire for more social interactions. Interestingly, it's adults aged 35 to 65 who are most likely to report feeling socially isolated, with 16% indicating a need for increased social contact. Photo by Karen Beate Nøsterud -/norden.org, Wikimedia commons.