The Polish Center for International Aid Foundation has announced the initiation of a humanitarian campaign aimed at assisting victims of the floods in Ukraine. This organization has been

providing aid to Ukrainians affected by the war for several years, and in response to the catastrophic situation in the Kherson region, it has intensified its efforts. Food packages and personal hygiene products are being distributed to the affected areas.

The focus of support is on individuals who have been forced to leave their homes due to the dire circumstances and unfavorable living conditions. Distribution centers have been established along the routes commonly used by Ukrainians to escape from the flooded areas, particularly towards Mikołajów. The employees of the PCPM foundation have also reached the village of Komyszany to provide assistance.

Following the explosion of a large dam in Nowa Kakhovka by the Russians on Tuesday, thousands of Ukrainians have been compelled to evacuate their homes. Other areas are submerged in water, and ongoing efforts are being made to evacuate people. Ukrainian authorities and the UN have described the destruction of the dam as one of the most severe humanitarian disasters in the region in recent years. Photo by Oleksandr Malyon, Wikimedia commons.