A recent survey indicates that 57% of Poles are in favor of providing shelter to refugees from war-stricken Ukraine, reflecting an 8% decrease compared to the previous month.

At the same time, the study by CBOS, a prominent pollster, revealed that 67% of respondents believe that Russia's invasion of Ukraine directly threatens Poland's security, marking a 3% increase from the prior month.

The survey was conducted from October 2 to 11 and involved a sample of 1,100 participants, as reported by the Polish state news agency, PAP.

The study also observed that 32% of Poles are extending support to Ukraine and its citizens amidst the ongoing Russian invasion, which has now entered its 21st month. In the preceding survey conducted a month earlier, this figure stood at 41%, as indicated by PAP.

The Polish Border Guard agency reported that over 16.4 million people have crossed into Poland from Ukraine since the commencement of the conflict in February of the previous year.

In parallel, the agency reported that 14.6 million individuals have left Poland for Ukraine since Russia's invasion on February 24, 2022.