President Gitanas Nausėda has revoked the Lithuanian citizenship of Russian ballet dancer Ilze Liepa and businessman Yuri Kudimov, a former KGB employee, citing exceptional circumstances.

According to Ridas Jasiulionis, spokesperson for President Nausėda, two decrees were signed concerning Ilze Liepa and Yuri Kudimov.

The decision to strip Liepa, who held both Lithuanian and Russian citizenship, of her Lithuanian citizenship stemmed from her interview with Russian media, where she criticized the Baltic states and expressed support for Russian President Vladimir Putin's actions in Ukraine.

Meanwhile, Kudimov's citizenship was revoked following a report from the State Security Department revealing that he obtained Lithuanian citizenship in 1998 by withholding information, including his past as a KGB intelligence officer.

The State Security Department raised concerns about Kudimov's extensive connections with individuals associated with Russian intelligence services, his involvement in economically strategic sectors benefiting the Russian regime, and his ties to Russian influence operations abroad, deeming them a threat to Lithuania's security.

Under the Law on Citizenship, individuals granted Lithuanian citizenship by exception may lose it if their actions pose a threat to Lithuania's security interests or if they publicly express support for a state deemed a threat to Lithuania, other EU member states, or their allies.

This decision follows President Nausėda's previous revocation of Margarita Drobiazko's Lithuanian citizenship, citing similar concerns. Drobiazko, a Russian ice dancer married to Lithuanian Povilas Vanagas, was involved in projects organized by the wife of the Russian president's press secretary. Photo by Dmitry Rozhkov, Wikimedia commons.