Poland's President Andrzej Duda addressed the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Summit in New York, highlighting Poland's comprehensive support for

Ukrainian refugees escaping Russian aggression and its dedication to their integration into the national healthcare, education, and employment systems. President Duda stressed the importance of investing in social resilience and safety nets during times of crisis to ensure that no one is left behind. Poland's priority, he emphasized, is to offer support to vulnerable individuals, families, children, and the elderly.

Duda praised Poland's solidarity and social resilience, particularly in its outstanding assistance to Ukrainian refugees. The country has made significant efforts to integrate refugees into its healthcare, education, and employment structures.

Furthermore, Duda discussed Poland's response to the challenges brought forth by the war in Europe, including the need for enhanced and trust-based collaboration in the energy sector. Poland's strategy involves diversifying energy supplies and promoting a just transition. Resilience, according to Duda, is also evident in connectivity, with infrastructure connections serving as the foundation of socio-economic progress.

Poland has introduced digitalization in healthcare as an example of leveraging technology for positive outcomes. Duda expressed the country's readiness to share these solutions with partners in the spirit of solidarity, as seen in tax system collaborations.

Poland is committed to reducing poverty rates nationwide, particularly in families with many children. The nation will continue to enhance policy coherence, governance, and institutional capacity for sustainable development. Additionally, Poland will advance a fair and just energy transition, including the development of renewable energy sources and nuclear energy. Photo by The Chancellery of the Senate of the Republic of Poland, Wikimedia commons.