General Motors (GM) is set to make a comeback in European markets by selling all-electric Cadillac vehicles in Switzerland and five additional European countries over the next few years.

Jacqueline McQuaid, GM's European head, announced this decision, with Sweden and France next in line for the premium brand's expansion. The initial offering in Switzerland will be the Cadillac Lyriq, and customers will have the convenience of completing the entire purchase online within minutes. The starting price for the Lyriq will be 82,000 Swiss francs ($89,490).

Electric vehicle (EV) sales have been surging in Europe, with more than one in five new cars sold in the EU in August being fully electric. This market is becoming increasingly competitive, with several Chinese EV manufacturers targeting European consumers. China's Chery, ranked eighth in automaker sales volume in 2022, recently announced plans to launch three car brands in Europe over the next two years, including its all-electric Xenotics brand.

In 2017, GM sold the Opel and Vauxhall brands to France's PSA, which quickly turned the previously loss-making brands into profitable entities. PSA later merged with Fiat Chrysler to create Stellantis. GM's move to reintroduce Cadillac in Europe demonstrates its commitment to the growing electric vehicle market on the continent. Photo by Nissangeniss, Wikimedia commons.