Poland's national carrier, LOT, has revealed its robust strategy for expansion from 2024 to 2028, with CEO Michał Fijoł unveiling ambitious plans. The strategy aims to achieve nearly 30 percent

growth, including the launch of 20 new destinations. Among these new routes are connections to the United States, Canada, Vietnam, Thailand, China, South Korea, and Japan. Additionally, LOT plans to expand its European presence, particularly in capitals it does not currently serve.

LOT has set an objective to transport 10 million passengers in the current year, with a more ambitious target of nearly 17 million passengers by 2028. To facilitate this growth, the airline intends to increase its fleet size from the current 75 aircraft to up to 110 planes, with a focus on expanding its medium and long-distance routes. This expansion will be supported by a contract for two additional Boeing 787 MAX 8 aircraft.

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki emphasized the significance of LOT as Poland's national carrier, describing it as "an ambassador for Poland" that connects the country to nearly 50 nations. He highlighted LOT's vital role in Poland's economy, generating jobs and supporting investment and tourism.

Maciej Małecki, Deputy Minister of State Assets, referred to LOT as a "pillar of the Polish economy" and expressed optimism about the airline achieving record-breaking financial results this year, with an ambitious goal to surpass PLN 1 billion in net profit.

LOT has faced challenges, particularly during the global pandemic, but remains a resilient and adaptable entity. The government is the primary shareholder of LOT, holding 69.3 percent of the stock, reflecting Poland's significant interest in the airline as a strategic tool to enhance tourism and international connectivity.

LOT's determination to expand and modernize positions it to compete with other European carriers and further strengthen its presence in the aviation industry. Photo by Hawkeye UK, Wikimedia commons.