On Saturday, December 23rd, Belgian consumers etched a new chapter in electronic transaction history, shattering both the daily and per-minute transaction records, as confirmed by Worldline,

the principal processor of electronic payments in Belgium.

An astounding 14 million electronic payments flooded in from consumers across physical and online stores, surpassing the preceding record of 13.8 million transactions, set merely a few weeks earlier on December 1st.

Not only did the day witness a surge in the total number of transactions, but it also marked a peak in transactions per minute. At 11:48 am, Worldline's data centers processed a staggering peak of 26,003 transactions, eclipsing previous per-minute transaction records.

This groundbreaking feat aligns with the overall trend of 2023. The year has witnessed a remarkable 3.7 billion electronic transactions, surpassing the entire count of 3.4 billion electronic transactions recorded for the entirety of 2022.

Remarkably, the top five days boasting the highest number of daily electronic transactions in Belgium have all occurred within this year. Notably, December 23rd stands tall as the pinnacle, marking an absolute record-breaking day in Belgian transaction history.