The Gezinsbond, a family association, is advocating for a simplified energy market in light of a survey revealing that a quarter of households in Flanders never compare energy suppliers.

This lack of comparison could result in an annual price discrepancy of up to 300 euros. In response, the association is urging for clearer and more straightforward tariff options.

The survey involved 1,040 Flemish households, highlighting that one-third of participants only monitor their water and energy meters when prompted by the grid operator. With 16 different suppliers offering a variety of contracts, consumers are faced with an overwhelming array of choices and intricate billing systems, as outlined by Gezinsbond.

One recent development in pricing, the capacity tariff, introduced on January 1, aims to factor in peak consumption. However, the survey found that only half of respondents understand its potential impact on their bills, while 26 percent don't consider it at all.

Gezinsbond's solution involves implementing boundaries within which energy suppliers can offer different market parameters. They also advocate for a more affordable base rate for both water and energy, mirroring the existing structure for water bills. Photo by EmDee, Wikimedia commons.