According to Josef Říkovský, head of Prague City Tourism’s Quality of Services division, tourism in Prague has been greatly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the war conflict in

Ukraine. He noted that the number of Russian visitors has declined, but tourists from Poland and the Baltics are willing to come back. Domestic travel is also on the rise, with the popular “Prague as Home” campaign attracting Czechs who frequently return to the city.

To attract more sophisticated and affluent visitors, Prague City Tourism commissioned a study of the behavior and typology of visitors to the city. The study aimed to identify what individual people are sensitive to and what they truly desire to see in Prague. According to the results, Germans are more interested in Kafka, while Spanish tourists are passionate about food. Říkovský noted that the gastronomic scene in Prague has flourished in recent years, and visitors' interests have expanded beyond history and design.

Spaniards, Italians, and Poles are particularly drawn to traditional Czech cuisine, according to the study. Prague City Tourism plans to use the study’s results to market the city and create new goods and services. The long-term goal is to promote new attractions other than landmarks in Prague, showcasing the city as multifaceted, with lovely parks, and more than just a two- or three-day destination.

Last year, domestic visitors made up 25% of the total visitors, and Prague was the most visited destination in the country for the first time since 2010. The decline in foreign visitors due to the pandemic has shifted the focus to domestic travel. As such, Prague City Tourism plans to offer more to visitors to encourage them to stay longer and explore beyond the city center.

Although the pandemic has greatly affected tourism in Prague, the city's resilience and ability to adapt have proven to be crucial in attracting visitors back. Prague City Tourism aims to provide visitors with unique experiences tailored to their interests and preferences, encouraging them to return and explore all that Prague has to offer. Photo by William Chizek, Wikimedia commons.