A recent survey indicates that a significant majority of Poles believe soldiers should be permitted to use weapons if migrants attempt to forcibly cross the eastern


The survey, conducted by IBRiS and commissioned by the Polish daily "Rzeczpospolita," asked: "Should soldiers of the Polish army stationed on the eastern border use weapons in the event of attempts by migrants to forcibly cross the border?"

The results show that 85.7 percent of respondents support the use of weapons (57.8 percent definitely yes, and 27.9 percent rather yes), while 10.7 percent oppose it (9.2 percent rather no, and 1.5 percent definitely no). Additionally, 3.6 percent of respondents had no opinion on the matter.

"Rzeczpospolita" reported on Tuesday that approval for the use of weapons is highest among men (88 percent), individuals aged 50 and above (90 percent), and residents of small towns (91 percent). The survey was conducted on June 7 and 8, sampling 1,071 respondents nationwide. Photo by Yarl, Wikimedia commons.