German Chancellor Olaf Scholz voiced deep concern over recent allegations of espionage linked to a far-right politician's aide, reportedly involving China. Speaking alongside British Prime

Minister Rishi Sunak in Berlin, Scholz emphasized the gravity of attempts to spy on Germany, labeling them "unacceptable" regardless of their origin.

The uproar in Germany ensued after the arrest of an aide to a European Parliament member affiliated with the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party. The individual stands accused of passing confidential information from European Union legislative discussions to Chinese intelligence and spying on Chinese opposition figures.

These developments have drawn attention to broader concerns regarding Europe's vulnerability to espionage efforts from China and Russia. Germany's response included the arrest of three individuals in a separate case involving the illicit transfer of sensitive technology to China for military purposes.

While Scholz refrained from elaborating further to avoid prejudicing legal proceedings, he underscored the necessity of vigorous action to counter espionage threats. Meanwhile, the AfD has distanced itself from the allegations, with party leaders emphasizing the need for thorough investigation and prevention of foreign influence through espionage or financial incentives.

In a parallel incident, the United Kingdom faced a similar espionage scandal involving alleged Chinese operatives. Police charged two individuals, one of whom reportedly served as a researcher in the British parliament for a prominent lawmaker from the governing Conservative Party.

Both Scholz and Sunak refrained from delving into specifics during their joint appearance, underscoring the seriousness of the situation and the imperative for robust responses to safeguard national security. Photo by Preiss/ MSC, Wikimedia commons.