The cost of renting a house has experienced a remarkable surge, now standing at 514 euros higher than it was in August of the previous year, reflecting a substantial

increase of 43%. Meanwhile, the purchase of housing has also witnessed an upward trajectory, with an 8% escalation during the same period, as per data released by the Imovirtual portal.

According to the portal's revelations, "in relation to the average property rental value, there has been a notable surge of +43%, amounting to 514 euros more expensive when juxtaposed with the corresponding period last year."

Offering further insights, the portal explains, "Although there has been a marginal stabilization in average values since the start of the year, August witnessed a slight 5% uptick, resulting in an average of 1,723 euros."

On a broader scale, "while there is a visible deceleration in house prices, the cost of purchasing a house remains elevated by approximately 32,833 euros compared to August of the prior year," indicating an increase of 8%.

The data also unveils that "regarding property classifications, prices have exhibited an upward trend. The current average cost of buying a house is 464,999 euros, reflecting a substantial 14% hike compared to the same period last year. Similarly, the average cost of an apartment has experienced a modest increment, reaching around 389,016 euros, translating to a 3% rise in comparison to August 2022."

Notably, T2 and T1 houses have witnessed "remarkable price surges, with increases of 24% and 18% respectively."