The EPP Group welcomes that the European Parliament has today granted the discharge for the European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex) for the year 2019. The annual discharge


“The EPP Group fought tooth and nail for €20 billion in public-private partnerships to tackle global challenges. We all know the kind of challenges that planet earth, and indeed humanity, are


The European Union and the State of Qatar today signed a comprehensive air transport agreement, upgrading rules and standards for flights between Qatar and the

Make medicines more accessible and affordable for every European. Increase investment in the development of medicines against rare and chronic diseases as well as against paediatric

"It’s hard to believe the Polish authorities and the PiS Party when they claim that they don’t want to put an end to Poland’s membership of the EU. Their actions go in the opposite direction.

The EPP Group wants a Transatlantic Political Council for regular consultation and coordination on foreign and security policy between the EU and the US. Such a Council should be led jointly by


External EU emergency funds should better address the causes of migration flows, always be scrutinised by the European Parliament and only be used as a last resort. This is what the EPP


“The European budget for next year will affect every region, every sector and every generation in Europe. We have worked for several months to reach a clear and strong position of the

“The EPP Group in the European Parliament wants European insurances to be safe and stable and contribute to financing the Green Deal and the digital transformation”, explained Markus


On 15 September, EU Commission President Von der Leyen will hold her yearly State of the Union speech at the European Parliament. The address will then be followed by a plenary debate on