The Commission published today a proposal for a Council Recommendation on learning for environmental sustainability. The aim of the proposal is to support Member States, schools, higher


Today, the European Commission has adopted the fifth list of energy Projects of Common Interest (PCIs). These are key cross-border energy infrastructure projects for building a more


Today, the Commission has taken action to improve the cybersecurity of wireless devices available on the European market. As mobile phones, smart watches, fitness trackers and wireless toys


“In today's world, it is not about whether a company or institution will be hacked, the question is whether you are prepared and resilient when it happens. Today's vote is a clear signal that we

To help EU consumers cut their energy bills and carbon footprint, a brand new version of the widely-recognised EU energy label for light bulbs and other lighting products will be applicable in

Today, the Commission decided to register a European Citizens' Initiative entitled ‘ReturnthePlastics: A Citizen's Initiative to implement an EU-wide deposit-system to

Today, the European Commission has published new technical guidance on climate-proofing of infrastructure projects for the period 2021-2027. The guidance will help mainstream climate

"A few years ahead, we might all have digital Euros. However, one thing must be crystal clear: the digital Euro can complement cash as a means of payment, but must not replace it", said


The EPP Group will vote today in favour of the historic milestone agreement on the European Climate Law.


With the rising pressure on the aviation industry to reduce emissions, the EPP Group calls for more efficiency, clarity and flexibility in the organisation of European airspace.