Pope Francis will visit Belgium and Luxembourg from September 26 to 29, the Vatican announced on Monday.


Over half of Poles believe that in the event of an armed conflict, a travel ban should be imposed on military-age men, according to a report by the PAP news agency.


The use of English in Brussels is rising significantly, according to the latest Taalbarometer survey conducted by Vrije Universiteit Brussel. Nearly half of the city's residents are now fluent in

The Belgian Royal Court has confirmed that Princess Elisabeth, the heir to the throne, will pursue her education at Harvard University in Boston, marking a significant step in her


Education unions ACOD Education, COC, and VSOA Education are set to organize demonstrations across five Flemish cities in May as part of a series of strikes. The unions' discontent stems

The highest Dutch court ruled on Monday that Algerian nationals whose asylum requests have been rejected can once again be detained pending their deportation.


Belgium transferred 1,241 asylum seekers to another European Union member state last year, where they already had a pending procedure. The number of transfers by Belgium has been on


Polish ‘sernik’ has claimed the top spot on the list of the Top 8 cheesecakes in the world. Cheesecake. Cheesecake. Photo: PAP/Darek Delmanowicz According to TasteAtlas, which curated the


Following Arnhem's announcement to absolve debts for around 50 households in Immerloo, recognized as the most financially distressed area in the Netherlands, a Rotterdam-based family,


Poland's government has initiated a special social and informational campaign titled "Good to Be Together: 20 Years of Poland in the European Union," marking a significant milestone in the