According to Statistics Netherlands (CBS), Amsterdam leads the pack in terms of wealth per resident among Dutch municipalities. As of the end of 2022, Amsterdam boasted a staggering

wealth of 9,046 euros per inhabitant. In stark contrast, Vlissingen ranked at the bottom with a mere 129 euros per resident, highlighting a significant disparity of over 70 times between the two cities.

Among the four major cities, Rotterdam secured the second spot with a wealth per resident of 4,294 euros. Utrecht and The Hague closely trailed the national average of 2,254 euros per inhabitant, with 2,300 euros and 2,200 euros respectively.

Amsterdam's remarkable wealth can be attributed to its extensive property portfolio, including vast land holdings and numerous leaseholds. Additionally, valuable infrastructure assets such as educational buildings, parking garages, and financial investments in entities like Schiphol, Alliander, and GVB contribute to its high equity. Despite accompanying debts, Amsterdam's assets significantly outweigh its liabilities, according to CBS.

In contrast, Rotterdam maintains a relatively low debt burden despite being a major urban center. Although the municipality does not possess extensive land holdings, it boasts above-average financial assets, including interests in Schiphol, Stedin, and the Port of Rotterdam.

Interestingly, CBS noted that smaller municipalities often exhibit higher wealth per resident. This trend is particularly noticeable in municipalities with fewer than 5,000 residents, such as Rozendaal and the Wadden Islands of Vlieland, Ameland, and Schiermonnikoog. Rozendaal, in particular, stands out with the third-highest equity per inhabitant. Factors contributing to the high wealth in these smaller locales include property ownership, commercial assets, and significant financial reserves.

On the contrary, Vlissingen's dismal wealth per resident stems from its substantial debt burden, which dates back to 2014 following significant losses incurred on a new housing development project. Photo by Gabinho, Wikimedia commons.