Europe experienced scorching temperatures on Monday, with some areas reaching nearly 45 degrees Celsius. The highest temperature recorded was in Andujar, southern Spain, where the

mercury soared to 44.8 degrees Celsius. Sicily wasn't far behind, hitting 43.5 degrees Celsius. Other countries such as Italy, Greece, and Turkey also endured temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius, indicating the widespread nature of the heatwave.

The blistering heat is expected to persist throughout the week, with forecasts suggesting that some regions may even witness higher temperatures in the coming days. The World Meteorological Organization, the UN's weather agency, has warned that the heat will intensify by Wednesday in parts of the Mediterranean, including Turkey and Greece.

The nights are expected to be uncomfortably warm as well, providing little respite from the persistent heatwave. Photo by Jrv73, Wikimedia commons.