Authorities in Berlin are conducting a search for a wild animal believed to be a lioness, spotted in the south-western outskirts of the city.

The search was prompted after a video surfaced on Twitter, showing what appears to be a lioness in a forested area in Kleinmachnow.

As a precautionary measure, residents in the area have been advised to remain indoors while the police conduct the search for the elusive animal.

Local zoos, animal sanctuaries, and circuses have confirmed that no lions have escaped from their facilities, leaving the origin of the lioness unknown.

According to witnesses, the lioness was seen chasing a boar, adding to concerns about potential danger to the public.

In response to the situation, Brandenburg residents have been alerted to the potential threat and are advised to stay indoors until further notice. Pet owners are also urged to keep their animals inside for safety.

Authorities have deployed helicopters to aid in the search efforts, along with veterinarians and hunters equipped with tranquilizer guns to capture the animal humanely, as reported by German tabloid newspaper Bild.