Poland's National Public Prosecutor's Office has officially charged 16 individuals suspected of spying for Russia. These suspects, citizens of other Eastern European countries, could face a

maximum of 10 years in prison if found guilty. According to Polish Radio's IAR news agency, they will stand trial at the district court in Lublin, located in eastern Poland.

The charges, as detailed by Poland's Internal Security Agency (ABW), include engaging in espionage, spreading propaganda for Russia's security services, and planning acts of sabotage. The spy network allegedly conducted surveillance of vital Polish infrastructure, including seaports and military facilities in Warsaw, Rzeszów, and Przemyśl.

The suspects are accused of passing sensitive information to their Russian handlers in exchange for financial compensation, as reported by the IAR news agency. The Lublin court has ordered the temporary detention of 15 out of the 16 suspects, who are charged with "acting on behalf of a foreign intelligence service against Poland's interests."

Stanisław Żaryn, Poland's deputy minister for security services, highlighted the significance of dismantling this alleged Russian spy network, calling it a substantial achievement in neutralizing a serious threat. He emphasized that Polish counterintelligence agencies remain vigilant against hostile activities carried out by Russian and Belarusian services.

The report coincides with the 637th day since Russia initiated its war on Ukraine, which commenced on February 24, 2022, marking one of Europe's largest military campaigns since World War II. Photo by Thomas Backa from Turku, Finland, Wikimedia commons.