Farmers' associations have declared their intent to stage a demonstration in Brussels on Monday, February 26, coinciding with a summit of European Agriculture

ministers. Brussels police are bracing for significant traffic disturbances throughout the Brussels region on that day.

Scheduled during the European agriculture ministers' summit, the demonstration will commence at 11 am on Schuman Square in Brussels' European district, with farmers driving tractors expected to converge on the capital. Organizers anticipate the participation of several hundred tractors.

The protest is spearheaded by European, Walloon, and Flemish farmers' organizations, advocating for the European Union's withdrawal from free trade agreements, such as the EU-Mercosur Association Agreement, and urging for a robust Common Agricultural Policy.

Concerns Over EU-Mercosur Association Agreement Farmers express apprehension that the EU-Mercosur deal, presently under negotiation between the European Commission and the South American trade bloc Mercosur, will inundate European markets with inexpensive South American agricultural goods, consequently deflating prices.

ABS President Hendrik Vandamme asserts, "The EU's consideration of the impact on our family farms during free trade negotiations is inadequate. The repercussions of successive trade agreements are too significant."

The EU has indicated a willingness to address farmers' grievances. In a statement released on Thursday, the European Commission outlined various proposals to alleviate the administrative burden on European farmers.

Similar to the February 1 demonstration, Monday's protest is anticipated to disrupt the Belgian capital. Brussels police advise of potential traffic disruptions starting from 6 am and advise the public to utilize public transportation, particularly the metro or train, or alternative modes of transport on Monday.