The Belgian professional football industry achieved a remarkable turnover of €381.5 million in the 2021-2022 season, as reported by Deloitte and the Belgian Pro League in their annual analysis

on football's societal impact. However, despite the record revenues, the financial health of the clubs is a cause for concern, with a cumulative net loss of €156 million, which is €16 million more than the previous assessment.

The report emphasizes that although revenues are at an all-time high, the financial situation of the clubs remains fragile. Tax reforms have led to a significant increase in taxes paid by the clubs, with a 21% rise compared to previous years. This substantial tax burden is considered historically high, contributing to the clubs' overall losses. Approximately €14 million of the €16 million increase in losses can be directly attributed to the tax reform.

The impact of COVID-19 also influenced the financial figures, with over 30 matches being played behind closed doors during the 2021-2022 season. The limited stadium capacity resulted in lower profits despite the increased turnover.

The report reveals that total revenue of €381.5 million represents a 31% growth from the previous season. Interestingly, ticket sales are no longer the primary revenue source for clubs, as TV rights and sponsorships have taken precedence.

Despite the financial challenges, the report acknowledges positive developments. It highlights that clubs have invested significantly in social projects and youth development, surpassing previous efforts. Deloitte notes that Belgium's football industry has made progress compared to other European leagues but emphasizes the need for clubs to refine their business models further to accompany the increased turnover.

Deloitte's analysis also reveals that professional football contributed approximately €1.1 billion to the Belgian economy in 2021-2022, marking a 24% increase compared to the previous season. Additionally, the industry created nearly 650 new jobs, showcasing its impact beyond the sporting realm.