Poland's Łucznik arms factory, located in Radom, has recently announced the production of its 100,000th Grot (Spearhead) rifle, which has been supplied to the Polish army since 2017.


Poland has entered into an €85 million agreement with the European Space Agency (ESA) to launch four satellites by 2027, according to government officials. The agreement took effect on


The Belgian federal government has officially incorporated a European directive into its national legislation, which will necessitate the implementation of a common charger for all mobile phones

Late on Thursday afternoon, several websites belonging to Belgian public institutions fell victim to a cyber attack. Notable sites affected included those of the Royal Palace, the prime minister's


A covert Russian military intelligence network has successfully circumvented international sanctions to procure sensitive Western technology via Belgium, according to investigations by Belgian

Poland has successfully completed the repair and return of the first batch of Ukrainian Leopard tanks, marking a significant step in Ukraine's defense against Russia's ongoing invasion.

Poland has taken a significant step towards realizing its inaugural nuclear power plant, as the country's climate and environment minister, Anna Moskwa, announced the


In a significant move, the South Korean government has committed to providing Ghent University (UGent) with 5 million euros to establish a maritime research center in the bustling port city of

There are more tanks on their way to Ukraine from Denmark. Another 45 tanks are being purchased and donated to Ukraine, according to Defense Minister Troels Lund


Poland is embarking on a significant rail infrastructure transformation outlined in its updated National Rail Programme, with a keen focus on electrification, modernization,