The Walrus-class submarines are slated for replacement. Naval Group, headquartered in Paris and 62.5% owned by the French state, emerged victorious in the bidding process, outperforming

contenders such as Swedish firm Saab and Germany’s TKMS. The contract entails constructing the submarines at an estimated total cost of around €4 billion.

These new submarines will supplant the aging Walrus-class submarines, which have been in service since 1990. RTL reported that up to 40% of the manufacturing work will take place in the Netherlands.

The procurement process holds political significance due to Saab's partnership with Dutch shipyard Damen, one of the unsuccessful bidders. Parliament is scheduled to deliberate on the agreement next Monday, following its approval by the council of ministers on Friday.

Just two weeks ago, the cabinet finalized an order for four new frigates from Damen, valued at a minimum of €2.5 billion. An additional €2.5 billion will be allocated for arming the vessels, marking it as the largest maritime contract ever awarded to a Dutch manufacturer. Photo by Björn Hamels Hfodf 11:55, 10 January 2007 (UTC), Wikimedia commons.