The Vilna Gaon Museum of Jewish History announced the forthcoming opening of the Litvak Museum, a pioneering cultural institution spotlighting the heritage and identity of Lithuanian Jews,

in Vilnius early next year.

Set in a refurbished four-story building on Pylimo Street, this new museum will become the flagship entity within the Vilna Gaon Museum, eclipsing all other units in its scale and thematic breadth.

Featuring 17 interactive exhibitions with contemporary design, the Litvak Museum aims to address the fragmented and inconsistent presentation of Lithuanian Jewish history in the country's memory institutions.

Aivaras Poška, an acting head of the Litvak Museum and historian, emphasized the museum's groundbreaking role in comprehensively showcasing the multifaceted history, culture, customs, and diverse historical aspects of Lithuanian Jews. The institution also aims to spotlight renowned Litvaks associated with Lithuania, dedicating a museum on the fourth floor to honor Rafael Chwoles, a significant 20th-century Litvak artist.

The historical context is crucial, as over 90 percent of Lithuania's Jewish population, which numbered over 200,000 before World War II, perished during the conflict. The forthcoming Litvak Museum stands as a testament to honor and preserve this rich cultural legacy. Photo by Wikimedia commons.