A recent survey conducted by the FPS Mobility revealed that in 2023, over 30% of Belgians chose cycling as their mode of transportation for commuting to work, either entirely or partially.

This marks an increase from 29% in 2019.

Federal Mobility Minister Georges Gilkinet attributed this rise to the systematic implementation and increase in the allowance per kilometer for daily cyclists, coupled with the removal of the ceiling on the employer's contribution.

Regional Disparities

While 57% of adult Belgians engage in cycling, significant disparities exist among the regions. In Flanders, a whopping 75% of the population opts for cycling, compared to 37% in Brussels and 31% in Wallonia.

In Flanders and Brussels, cycling is predominantly used for practical purposes such as commuting, shopping, or recreational activities. Conversely, in Wallonia, cycling is more commonly associated with recreational pursuits.

Promising Trends

The survey also revealed promising trends, with 30% of current cyclists expressing intentions to cycle more frequently, and 17% of non-cyclists indicating an interest in starting. Additionally, there has been a surge in the popularity of electric bicycles, with usage increasing from 24% to 28% within a year. Photo by Dileep Kaluaratchie, Wikimedia commons.