In light of the significant Iranian air assault on Israel, the European Union is gearing up to implement sanctions targeting companies vital to Tehran's drone and missile production,

European Council President Charles Michel announced on Wednesday evening.

"We have made the decision to impose sanctions on Iran. Our aim is to send a clear message," Michel declared following the initial day of a summit of European leaders held in Brussels. "The objective is to focus on companies crucial for the development of drones and missiles."

European leaders have unequivocally condemned the Iranian strike on Israel and are urging the regime in Tehran and its allies to halt all acts of aggression. All parties involved in the conflict are urged to exercise "utmost restraint" and refrain from actions that could exacerbate tensions in the region further.

Iran launched an unprecedented assault with drones and missiles on Israel from its territory overnight from Saturday to Sunday. The attack was seen as retaliation for the deadly airstrike on the Iranian consulate in Damascus, Syria, an operation attributed to the Israeli military.

Israel, in response, is contemplating retaliatory measures, but the EU is advocating for de-escalation. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz suggested earlier in the day that Israel should leverage the successful defense against the Iranian attack "to bolster its position across the entire region." Consequently, he argued, "a proportional military response would certainly not be warranted." Photo by Belgian Federal Government, Wikimedia commons.