As reported by officials, Zofia ranked as the most favored name for baby girls in Poland during the first half of this year, while Nikodem took the lead as the preferred choice


In a recent study conducted by Moving to Spain, Portugal has emerged as the top retirement haven in Europe. The comprehensive ranking evaluated countries based on a variety of factors


A 74-year-old individual of Jewish descent has admitted to his involvement in spray-painting antisemitic messages on a kosher restaurant located in a Parisian suburb.


Last year, more than 2,000 jobseekers successfully earned diplomas through the Flemish Employment Service (VDAB), with approximately 80 percent securing employment within three months.


Despite concerns about a shortage of lifeguards on beaches, the Instituto de Socorros a Náufragos (ISN) has confirmed that the number of certified lifeguards remains consistent with previous


As the new academic year commences, a surge of Danish upper secondary schools is choosing to forgo traditional alcohol-infused first-semester parties. The Danish Health Authority and the


Residential real estate prices in Norway experienced a decline for the second consecutive month in July. However, in contrast, rental rates have seen a significant surge, particularly in Oslo,


According to recent data from Statistics Netherlands (CBS), Dalfsen, a municipality in Overijssel, has emerged as the home to the happiest residents in the Netherlands. The study evaluated


The Flemish government has announced plans to transform the former NATO site and military Queen Elisabeth Quarter near Brussels into a mixed-use zone and a new woodland area spanning


The European Commission has clarified that European Union member states will have the freedom to decide how they test the driving abilities of individuals over the age of 70.