The waste dump along Elisabethlaan in Ninove has still not been cleared. Despite the court's ruling that the owners were obligated to clean up the landfill by May 20,


Members of Parliament have voted in favor of new laws aimed at preventing pet owners and breeders from euthanizing their animals when they reach old age


Norway has witnessed a significant population growth, marking its largest increase in more than ten years during the first quarter of this year. According to the state

High rental costs are causing young adults to delay moving out of their parents' homes, according to the latest government figures. The data shows that in 2019, only

Yarne De Pelsmaeker from Ninove and Jelle Ronsijn from Geraardsbergen have caught an exceptional fish: a silver carp with a length of 1.35 meters and a weight of

The city of Ninove is appealing to the Council of State to challenge the recognition of an archaeological site. Flemish Minister of Heritage Matthias Diependale (N-VA) recognized a 2.5-hectare


Homeowners in Aalst are increasingly willing to rent out their properties on the social housing market. Last year, the social rental office in Aalst launched a campaign to persuade more


According to a recent study, Denmark is experiencing a surge in spiritual practices, with as many as 81.9% of Danes feeling a “spiritual need” in the past month. The study, which is the largest


Starting in April, Aalst will be the first municipality in East Flanders to collaborate with "De Click". This is a system whereby you can use a free app on your phone to report that you have picked


A recent study by the Federal Institute for Population Research (BiB) reveals that ten years after Germany introduced guaranteed childcare or kita spots for all children from the age of one,