According to a report from Gazet van Antwerpen, since the reintroduction of wolves to Flanders in 2018, the region's Nature and Forest Agency (ANB) has documented almost 250 wolf attacks


A 30-year-old man from Gouda has been arrested following the laser projection of antisemitic messages onto a building in Capelle aan den IJssel, according to the police. The arrest took place

A wisent, also known as a European bison, has been born in the Jura mountains of Solothurn, marking the first birth of its kind in the region in 1,000 years. The female calf was born on


According to data released by the Directorate-General for Education and Science Statistics (DGEEC), approximately 20% of students in Portugal attended private schools during the 2021/2022


The Antwerp Highways Police have confiscated an electrically powered bicycle that was being driven recklessly. This marks the first time that the Highways Police in Antwerp have seized an


This summer, Flanders is set to accommodate a record number of students in its summer schools, with a notable increase of 40% compared to previous years. Over 16,000 children and young


The social housing corporation Thuispunt Gent will definitely achieve the targeted 1,500 extra social housing units in the city by 2030. This was emphasized by the corporation during a press

The housing market in mainland Portugal is indicating signs of stabilisation, with a modest increase in sales prices observed in May. According to Confidencial Imobiliário's Residential Price

A spokesperson for VLOCO, the support center for elder abuse in Flanders, revealed that more than 20 cases of violence against older individuals are reported every week in the region.

A recent report by the Reuters Institute Digital News reveals that nearly one in four young people in Flanders, Belgium, express no interest in consuming news. The study, which surveyed