Cordoba, renowned as one of Spain's most scorching urban centers, consistently witnesses temperatures soaring beyond 30°C, even during the month of April.


Several cities across the Netherlands are preparing to welcome new students to their universities and higher education institutions with a series of introduction weeks.


The European border agency, Frontex, reported a significant increase in the number of people crossing Europe's borders through 'irregular routes' in July, with more than 42,000 individuals


The jubilee festivities are set to commence on September 12th, with the King inaugurating the National Assembly. On the subsequent day, he will be bestowed an official gift from the Riksdag

During the inaugural month of the summer break, Brussels Airport welcomed a total of 2.3 million passengers, marking a 5% upsurge compared to July 2022, as announced by the airport on

On Wednesday afternoon, several hundred passionate motorcyclists united in protest against the recently implemented inspection and registration regulations for their bikes. With over


In response to escalating tensions with its Russian ally, Poland is set to deploy an extra 2,000 troops along its border with Belarus, according to a statement by Deputy Interior Minister Maciej


A recent study conducted by Imovirtual has unveiled stark disparities between expected rental and buying prices for houses. Renting a house has proven to be a whopping 91% more

As micro-mobility companies strive to introduce electric scooters in Flemish municipalities neighboring Brussels, they face resistance from local authorities, according to a report by Brussels


According to the national statistics agency CBS, the Netherlands has achieved a ratio of 120 individuals employed for every 100 individuals not participating in the workforce.