The Federal Minister for Mobility, Georges Gilkinet (Ecolo), has put forth a draft ministerial decree aimed at curbing noise pollution near Brussels Airport. One of the key measures in the


According to Dutch police, there have been nearly 250 incidents of explosive attacks on private homes and businesses so far this year, surpassing the total number of attacks in all of 2022, as

Over 100 Ryanair flights are set to be cancelled at Charleroi Airport next weekend as a result of a strike called by the pilots' union in Belgium. The airport's website has confirmed that 54 flights


On July 14, 2023, it was reported that officials from the Amsterdam council are showing interest in the possibility of implementing higher parking fees for large cars, similar to what is


Despite recent declines in house prices, the official value of Dutch private property has surged by 16.4% this year due to calculations based on last year's figures, according to the national


An international operation targeting maritime drug smuggling along the west coast of Europe has resulted in the arrest of twelve individuals and the seizure of over 1,500 kilograms of cocaine.


The North Sea ecosystem has long been influenced by human activities, and the impacts of climate change are now adding further complexity to this already studied marine environment and



The Port of Antwerp remains inundated with drugs, particularly cocaine from South America, according to the latest semi-annual figures released by Belgian Customs. In the first half of the

The Orthodox synagogue on Heydukova Street in Bratislava is celebrating its 100th anniversary, and to mark this milestone, an exhibition dedicated to its architect, Artur Szalatnai-Slatinský,


Vilamoura Marina has once again been crowned the "Best Portuguese Marina" at the prestigious Publituris Portugal Travel Awards 2023 gala. The event, held at the Montebelo Mosteiro