"We would like to express solidarity with our colleague Andrea Bocskor, who has been listed as an enemy of Ukraine by an online outlet. We consider this as an incitement to hate and therefore

an unacceptable act which we strongly condemn", said MEPs Sandra Kalniete and Michael Gahler today.

"Candid dialogue or criticism is the bedrock of democracy and freedom. But it should not be misinterpreted and misused. We therefore call on the Ukrainian law enforcement authorities to launch an inquiry and investigate the threats addressed to our colleague. We are aware of the tense relationship between Hungary and Ukraine and regret it. However, only genuine dialogue and the will to understand the other's position will lead to a sustainable solution. There is no reason why both countries should not enjoy good neighbourly relations and the trust and friendship of its citizens. If parliamentary diplomacy is a tool that could contribute to easing tensions, we will be ready to recommend that such actions are undertaken", Kalniete and Gahler stressed.

Kalniete is Vice-Chairwoman of the EPP Group in charge of foreign affairs and Gahler is the EPP Group Spokesman in Parliament's Committee on Foreign Affairs.

Photo by Rbrechko, Wikimedia commons.