King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands has issued a formal apology for his country's historical involvement in slave trading during a commemoration event marking the abolition of slavery in


Ghent University's intention to decrease its workforce by 120 employees by 2027 has sparked ongoing protests. An internal document accessed by Belga confirms the university's plans for staff


Thousands of visitors flocked to Welle on Sunday for the annual flea market and garage sale. Spread over about 30 streets, 1,600 stalls were set up, making the event the largest flea market in


Berlin witnessed the grand opening of the Pears Jewish Campus on Sunday, marking the largest Jewish center to be established in Germany since World War II. The dedication ceremony was


In a recent discussion as part of the "Great Changes of Prague" series, Deputy Mayor for Transport Zdeněk Hřib and Deputy Mayor for Territorial Development Petr Hlaváček presented new


Dutch authorities have apprehended a father and daughter on charges of "large-scale financing" of Hamas, in violation of European Union (EU) sanctions, according to prosecutors on Monday.

Flanders' Heritage Minister, Matthias Diependaele, is expanding efforts to identify and protect historic chip shops as cultural monuments. Acknowledging the significance of "Frietkot culture" and

The 43rd International Congress of New Hanseatic Cities in Toruń, Poland concluded on Sunday with a parade of representatives from more than 70 European cities. 

Portugal witnessed a continuous rise in its foreign resident population for the seventh consecutive year in 2022, reaching a total of 781,915 individuals, according to the latest report by


The volume of traffic congestion on Flanders' major roads is rapidly escalating, reaching alarming levels. Recent data from Statistics Flanders reveals that in May alone, an average of