As of October 2023, an additional 8,700 individuals in Norway found themselves registered as unemployed and seeking assistance from the state welfare agency NAV. This uptick nudged the


According to a survey conducted by RTL Nieuws with over 17,000 members of its opinion panel, approximately 50% of workers in the Netherlands are interested in making arrangements to

On November 6, 2023, the Brussels Times reported that the latest Eurostat data reveals Belgium to have the sixth-highest average income in the European Union, despite the financial


Poland witnessed a remarkable increase in exports to Ukraine, which tripled last year, reaching EUR 9 billion. According to the Polish government, this development has made Poland Ukraine's


As of October 30, 2023, initial estimates from the National Bank indicate that the Belgian economy has experienced a 0.5% expansion during the third quarter of the year. This growth marks a


When Karol Minarczuk, a 34-year-old insurance specialist, learned that his friend had purchased a property on the Spanish Mediterranean coast, he saw it as an opportunity to diversify his


The European housing market is grappling with a multifaceted crisis, characterized by soaring rents, high interest rates, and a severe shortage of available homes. This crisis has not only


Volvo, the renowned automaker, is set to make a significant move in 2025 by manufacturing their best-selling EX30 model at their Ghent facility. This exciting development was officially

The Port Authority reported on Tuesday that the Port of Antwerp-Bruges witnessed a 6% decrease in cargo throughput, handling a total of 204.4 million tonnes in the first three quarters of

Statistics released by the Professional Credit Association on Monday revealed a significant decline in mortgage lending in Belgium during the third quarter, marking the lowest levels for this