Belgium has committed 4 million euros to bolster education and provide training for teachers in Africa, as announced by Caroline Gennez, the Minister of Development Cooperation, during a


The latest data from the Labour Office revealed a positive trend in Germany's unemployment figures for January, contrary to expectations of an increase in joblessness. In seasonally adjusted


As of December, the unemployment rate in Poland inched up to 5.1%, a slight increase from the 5% reported in November, as indicated by the country's statistics office. This figure aligns with

Buyers in the residential property market faced an ongoing uptrend in prices across most regions of German-speaking Switzerland and Ticino throughout the past year. However, the pace of


Local taxes are set to experience an 8.5% increase this year, reaching €13.3 billion, as reported by the Netherlands' national statistics office CBS. The primary contributor to this surge is the


This month marks the discontinuation of Belgium's former expatriate tax system, impacting approximately 27,000 expats, as reported by The Brussels Times. Renowned for its high tax rates,


Germany witnessed a substantial decline in exports to its crucial global trade partners, notably the United States and China, at the close of the previous year, as per data released by the


The year-on-year inflation rate in Sweden decelerated to 4.4 percent in December, a decline from the 5.8 percent reported in November, as stated by Statistics Sweden (SCB) on Monday.

The residential property market in Belgium experienced a slowdown last year, with a notable 15% decrease in sales compared to the previous year, as revealed by the real estate barometer of


in Switzerland saw a slight uptick in December but remains at historically low levels. Throughout the entire year, it averaged its lowest rate since 2001.