Shops in Wallonia will no longer automatically print paper receipts as of Thursday, according to confirmation from the office of Walloon Environment Minister Céline Tellier. Customers can


House prices in Portugal are set to experience significant growth, with a forecasted increase of over 8% per year for the next decade, according to a study conducted by the IFO Institute at the


According to Eurostat, the European statistics service, Belgium maintains its position as Europe's second largest beer exporter, with a 17% share of total European beer exports in 2022.


In a significant move towards energy independence, Latvian Prime Minister Krišjānis Kariņš confirmed on August 3 that the Baltic states are jointly planning to cut their electricity links to Russia

Property prices in Sweden have shown impressive resilience despite a 0.9 percent drop in July, according to new figures from SBAB and property site Booli. Taking seasonal effects into account,


The Flemish economy is expected to demonstrate robust growth, outperforming the European average, as it is projected to grow by 1.4% in 2023, according to Statistics Flanders. This growth


During the first three months of this year, just over 7% of the working population in Flanders had a second job, marking the highest proportion ever recorded. Approximately 177,000


The Belgium-Germany-Netherlands border region is calling on the governments of the three countries to introduce a unified tax system for cross-border workers. In a letter addressed to the


Supermarket prices in Belgium are still on the rise, although the rate of inflation has slowed down slightly, according to consumer organization Testaankoop. The organization has calculated


In a remarkable feat, Flanders witnessed a record trade surplus in its agricultural sector, reaching 7.5 billion euros in 2022, compared to imports worth 46.4 billion euros. This significant