Belgian shoppers are increasingly opting to cross the border to France for their grocery shopping. Recent data from trade federation Comeos, as reported in De Standaard on Monday, reveals

The Dutch government has decided to halt 13 new road projects and three waterway projects due to issues related to nitrogen-based pollution, increasing costs, and staff shortages.


Positive developments have emerged in the ongoing discussions between the Belgian government and Engie, the operator of Belgium's nuclear power plants, regarding the extension of the


The Groningen gas fields in the Netherlands will be permanently closed on October 1, 2024, according to confirmation from mines minister Hans Vijlbrief. In the meantime, the fields will remain


Belgian Development Minister Caroline Gennez has put forth a proposal to cancel a portion of Mozambique's debt to Belgium in exchange for investments in climate crisis initiatives.


In a national referendum held on Sunday, Swiss voters have shown strong support for implementing a global minimum tax on businesses and a climate law aimed at reducing fossil

Belgium's Energy Minister, Tinne Van der Straeten of the Groen party, is actively pursuing measures to encourage more investors to participate in battery storage projects in the country.


New research conducted by broadcaster NOS and website Investico reveals that students from ethnic minority backgrounds are subjected to a significantly higher number of accusations related


The European Commission and the High Representative today published a Joint Communication on a European Economic Security Strategy. This Joint Communication focuses on minimising


The brown coal belt in eastern Germany is undergoing a transformation towards renewable energy as plans for the country's largest battery park are unveiled. The project, led by Czech-owned