In a concerning development, homelessness in Portugal has surged by 78%, with a growing number of individuals forced to live on the streets, in makeshift tents, or on cardboard scraps.


In a recent address, the Prime Minister of Portugal highlighted the growing presence of technology companies in the capital and argued that the Portuguese economy is undergoing a


On October 19, 2023, Brussels Minister Sven Gatz of the Open VLD party announced the allocation of €725,000 for the current school year to assist schools in addressing the educational needs


The primary focus of discussions for EU energy ministers gathering in Luxembourg on Tuesday (17 October) is the ongoing dispute between France and Germany regarding the future


The Civil Aviation Authority (ULC) has reported that Poland's airports have handled 23.2 million passengers during the first half of 2023. This figure signifies a substantial 40% increase



A substantial proportion of Portuguese employees are contemplating job and company changes within the next 12 months, well above the global average.

As of September, Poland's inflation rate registered at 8.2% in year-on-year terms, as announced by the country's statistics office on Friday. This reading aligns with a flash estimate issued by


As of today, individuals earning €820 enjoy a net annual income of €11,078.06. However, come 2024, their earnings will amount to €11,480, marking a notable increase of €402.


The Portuguese Government, in collaboration with social partners, is in discussions to propose an increase in the minimum wage to €820 per month in 2024. This proposed raise exceeds the


Poland's headline inflation rate for September has marked a significant slowdown, dropping to 8.2% year-on-year, which is below the anticipated 8.5%, as per a preliminary estimate from the