On August 22, 2023, Finance Minister Vincent Van Peteghem revealed that Belgium's upcoming one-year government bond, set to be issued in September, will carry a net

The leader of Poland's governing conservative party has announced that pensioners across the nation will receive an extra cash boost of approximately EUR 500 this year.


In a bid to provide a compelling alternative to traditional savings accounts, Belgium has unveiled plans to introduce a one-year government bond. The bond's interest rate is scheduled to be



During the second quarter of 2023, European Union (EU) businesses experienced a consistent rise in bankruptcy declarations for the sixth consecutive quarter. In comparison to the preceding


The cost of building land in Flanders is continuing its upward trajectory, with the median price surging to 429 euros per square meter. This marks a substantial 13 percent

A study conducted by Picodi.com, a website specializing in statistical analysis, has revealed that food and non-alcoholic beverages constitute 17.5% of Portugal's expenditure


The wealth of each Portuguese adult grew by 3% in the past year, leading to a 22% increase in the number of millionaires from 136,000 in 2020 to over 166,000 by the close of 2022.


As the summer draws to a close, manufacturers are preparing their stocks of Sinterklaas treats like chocolate letters and pepernoten cookies. However, consumers should brace themselves for


The Polish population will be engaged in a national referendum to voice their stance on the potential sale of state-owned enterprises, as declared by the leader of the governing conservatives.


The Dutch government is taking significant strides towards liberalizing the railway sector. In a new concession agreement, the Netherlands Railways (NS) will no longer hold exclusive rights to