In the first half of 2023, the average price of a house in Belgium, excluding inflation, has seen a decline of 0.3% compared to the previous year, marking the first decrease since 2013. However,

Belgium stands out among OECD countries as one of the few nations experiencing an increase in purchasing power, according to recent data released by the Organisation for Economic

According to the national statistics office CBS, inflation in June dropped to 5.7% following a slight increase in May. Excluding fuel and energy, which experienced a decrease in prices, inflation


According to a survey conducted by Invesco, an increasing number of countries are repatriating their gold reserves as a safeguard against the type of sanctions imposed by the West on Russia.


The EU and New Zealand have today signed their free trade agreement (FTA), which will deliver significant gains for the EU. The deal will cut some €140 million a year in duties for EU


According to a report by De Tijd on Wednesday, the Belgian National Bank has expressed worries about the billions of euros in blocked Russian assets held by Euroclear, a prominent Belgian


Negotiations among members of the Belgian federal government will carry on as they seek to reach an agreement on a proposed tax reform. While talks initially started on a positive note,


The annual inflation rate in the Netherlands experienced a decline in June compared to the previous month. According to an initial estimate by Statistics Netherlands (CBS), inflation for this


Following a dialogue with the European Commission and national consumer authorities (CPC network), Edreams ODIGEO, Etraveli Group and Kiwi.com committed to better inform consumers of

Germany is bracing for an extended recession, surpassing previous analyst predictions, as a recent survey reveals a continued decline in business confidence for the second consecutive month.