France is set to follow in Germany's footsteps by introducing a budget-friendly monthly rail pass next summer, designed to promote eco-friendly transportation, according to Transport Minister


According to data agency Hiiper, the relentless upward trajectory of supermarket prices has finally ceased, offering a temporary respite for consumers. Recent analyses reveal that many


The Lithuanian government recently approved a raise in the minimum monthly wage to 924 euros, a decision that has drawn criticism from economist Justas Mundeikis,


Belgium is witnessing a surge in food prices that closely mirrors the trends seen in its neighboring countries, as indicated by a recent study conducted by the Federal Public


With substantial European backing, Flanders and the Netherlands are investing nearly €25 million in promoting collaboration among small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

The cost of renting a house has experienced a remarkable surge, now standing at 514 euros higher than it was in August of the previous year, reflecting a substantial


Denmark has unveiled plans to offer increased unemployment benefits to individuals pursuing retraining in sectors facing a labor shortage. The upcoming draft 2024 budget aims to provide


Unemployment in Poland remained stable at 5% in July, maintaining the same rate as in June, as reported by the country's statistics office on Thursday.


Belgium's freshly introduced one-year government bond has stormed the financial market, gathering nearly 1 billion euros in investments on its inaugural day.


In a noteworthy economic development, the average declared wages recorded with Social Security witnessed a substantial 6.3% upswing in May compared to the